Words to Live By
Since 1993 A SPIFF Publication Vol. 5, No. 3

Our Thanksgiving turkey is a bird of pray.

Ah, tradition! Since the early 17th century, when the pilgrims landed, met the Indians, killed some turkeys, and had a feast, Americans have set aside a special time to give thanks to God, not to the ACLU, for what we have. Your friends at Spiff, as good Americans, join our families in celebrating that tradition, too.

Since 1993, just like it says above, your friends here in the Spiff Executive Tower, on the banks of the mighty Cumberland River, have taken traditional time out of our traditionally busy schedules to compile a short list of things for which we are thankful. Sometimes we even print the list.

Some of these things you've read before. You're reading them again.

* We're thankful that college basketball was not designed by the same people responsible for the interchange at McGavock Pike and Briley Parkway, near the Oprymills Hotel.
* We're thankful that Barnes and Noble finally got caught.
* We're thankful for our adopted Congressman Van Hilleary.
* We're thankful that God doesn't always give us what we deserve.
* We're thankful that the animal supremacists, tree huggers, vegetarians, and fans of sodomy are not as mainstream as the medialibs would like us to believe.
* We're thankful for term limits.
* We're thankful for the 104th Congress.
* We're thankful that the 105th Congress still has a session to redeem itself.
* We're thankful that after 35 months, the United States still are without a Surgeon General.
* We're thankful that Pat Buchanan is back on television where he belongs.
* We're thankful that war or peace with China is not dependent upon our ambassador there.
* We're thankful that our parents took us to church, even when we didn't want to go.
* We're thankful that some of you missed us while we were gone.
* We're thankful that some Nashville drivers use turn signals.
* We're thankful that religious persecution in America isn't as bad as it is in other countries yet.
* We're thankful that the people at the Salvation Army and Mercy Ministries are more concerned with changing the lives of others than with themselves.
* We're thankful that some people in Nashville are actually from here.
* We're thankful that you forgive our typing mistakes, and that Jesus forgives the others.
* We're thankful for the 1997 budget agreement.
* We're thankful that you know better than that.
* We're thankful that Phil Keaggy, Scott Dente, and Wes King finally did an album together.
* We're thankful that the new hockey team will be the Predators, not some trendy collective name like the Fury or the Plague.
* We're thankful that Sodom Hussein is such a weeny that even Bill Clinton can stand up to him.
* We're thankful for our families.
* We're thankful for our friends.
* We're thankful that we know whom to thank.
* We're thankful for you, the loyal fans of Spiff.

Words to Live By is published every week at about this time by Spiff. You can send a fax to us here in the Spiff Executive Tower, on the banks of the mighty Cumberland River, at 615-847-2259. You can e-mail us at spiff@spiff.org.